Restore Your Balance

Visit Karen Bellamy - Energy Practitioner in Bramhall, Cheshire for a different kind of healing experience. I offer energy balance sessions to help restore your physical, emotional and spiritual alignment.

Certified and Accredited

I was certified and accredited as a Cultural Architect by Nikki Owen, founder of the Cultural Architect Programme. This qualification demonstrates the high levels of competence and compassion that I show when delivering energy balancing sessions. I am also fully insured with Holistic Insurance Services.

Nikki Owen

Award-Winning Speaker on Charisma, Energy and Authentic Leadership

“Karen Bellamy possesses a unique gift that combines high levels of intuition with heartfelt compassion for others. After working with her for over a twelve month period, I invited her to become an accredited Cultural Architect. Karen provides a safe space for her clients to re-charge their depleted energy levels and reconnect with the essence of who they really are inside. Karen builds high levels of trust and is a model of excellence in her ability to transform thinking, emotions and energy levels.”


I offer therapy sessions to individual clients and as packages for businesses. If you are a business owner or manager, help reduce the stress levels of your employees and make them feel valued at the same time with my holistic therapy package. I can come to you and carry out treatment sessions at your place of work.


  • Reiki Session (One Hour) - £35
  • Restore and Revive Energy Session (Combination of Reiki, Crystal Healing and Dowsing Rods (1 ½ Hours) - £70.00
  • EFT Session (1 ½ Hours) - £70
  • Chakra Balancing - £30

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